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By, Dakota Wiegand

Hey all! So I just completed The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest recently and that was a pretty good show. However, I couldn’t think of that show without thinking of the original Jonny Quest TV show. When looking at the two, you can see some big differences between the shows. True one is more up to date than the other, but one is a stronger show and in this case, the original. Let’s take a look why  

Jonny Quest premiered in September of 1964 and ran for one season, 26 episodes, until March of 1965 on ABC Network. The show was distributed by Warner Bros. TV, which explains why the show was so good. Warner Bros. has produced several amazing TV shows in the 60s and 70s like The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Super Friends, and Scooby Doo, Where are You? The show is also a product of its time where certain materials they discuss couldn’t be aired on TV to kids now. But, we’ll talk about that later.

The world of Jonny Quest takes place in the near future. Certain technologies, at the time, were not around yet and some still aren’t around. Yet, they use them as if they have been around for a long time. From jetpacks to video radios, they have it all in Jonny Quest. The world they live in is pretty cool and just makes me wish that we live in that world.

Let’s talk about what makes this show tick: the characters! Let’s start that discussion with the “star” of the show, Jonny Quest.

Jonny Quest, the son of Dr. Quest, is a 10 year old kid, who likes adventure. He is a little head strong, but knows when to take a back seat and let others help him. He’s kind of an uninteresting character, but it’s not his fault. Like I said before, he’s a product of his time. Child characters back then were under developed and displayed as near perfect children.

Next up, we have Hadji, the Indian child that travels with Jonny and everyone. He’s a smart kid that knows Indian magic? I have no idea what’s that about, but he knows magic! Who knew? In my last review, I mentioned how I had no idea why Hadji was with the Quest family and I joked that he was the indentured servant of the Quest family. In this show, they go into it a little but more. He was an orphan child living off of the streets of a random Indian city where he helps out the Quest family. After their ordeal, the Quest family has adoption papers worked out, but he’s not adopted by Dr. Quest or by Race. So… he’s an adopted slave child to the Quest family? Either way, he’s close friends with Jonny and they get into trouble together.

Next, we have Dr. Quest. He is a world renowned scientist, who is an expert in the field of laser technology and marine behavior. He is an awesome character with his creative solutions to the many problems that they face. The character actually had two separate voice actors on the show. The voice actor that took over for the original voice actor had another doctor’s role on the show, which fetched him 4 lines in only two appearances. For reasons unknown, they went with him for the main voice actor. Actually, the voice fits his looks better than the original voice actor did.

Next up, we have the one, the only, Race Bannon! The fucking lord of suave, death, and awesomeness! He is the original badass! He was a badass before badasses even got their names. The order of original bad asses is John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Race Bannon. Words can’t describe how awesome he is. In the show, his backstory is that he is a US government agent part of an unknown agency who is assigned to protect Jonny Quest from anything and everything. This is due to the fact the Dr. Quest lost his wife tragically, and if his son was to be lost, his scientific research would fall apart and he would become too depressed to do anything. This is also known as being a glorified nanny. However, Race does it so well while kicking ass and getting pussy. Race is definitely one of my favorite characters of all time.

Finally, let’s talk about the dog, Bandit. This is the bad part of the show. You had so much realistic art in the show and enough comedy relief to cut the thrilling and suspenseful story, why do you need a cartoon dog? The dog has one bark that is repeated over and over and just does nothing to help improve the story. I really don’t get the dog, but it was a 1960s cartoon…

The romances on the show are really limited to whatever Race gets, mainly with the on again off again relationship with Jade, a deep cover agent for the UK. But, everyone knows he gets it in on a regular basis.

The animation is what I like to call Scooby-Doo animation. Because Scooby Doo was a popular show in the 60s, so it’s easy to compare any shows with that style of animation. This animation has repetitive animation and very few moving parts. Jonny Quest is no exception to this animation style. However, it employs more realistic animation than Scooby Doo has. The exception is Bandit the dog, he is very cartoony and does take away from the show.

The show doesn’t follow a continuous story line, except for the introduction of Hadji. However, each episode has a unique story and mystery to it. This is where the show thrives. I love the stories and the twists that each episode comes up with. That being said, Jonny and Hadji getting captured is very predictable and they screw up the original plans of Dr. Quest and Race. It gets annoying, but Race being a fucking badass makes up for it.

Earlier, I said that Jonny was the “star” of the show. This is really because he’s a plot point. He is the reason why Dr. Quest and Race work together. The show really only follows Dr. Quest’s and Race Bannon’s adventures and the mysteries that they solve. 

The show is definitely worth a look at, though I can see a lot of people disagreeing with me on why I love this show. It kicks ass and I love watching it whenever I can.

Show rating: A

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