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By Dakota Wiegand

            Hey all! So after is did Full Metal Alchemist, I had a lot of you guys requesting me to do Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood saying it was much better than the original series and stuff. I’m going to be honest, it took me a while to get to watching it because I thought there wasn’t going to be that much of a difference between the two series, or its just the same characters with a completely different story. Well, it was similar to the first series for sure, but I have to admit, this series was a lot better to get through. Let’s take a look!

            FMAB premiered in Japan in April of 2009 and ran until July of 2010, for a total of 64 episodes. In February of 2010, Funimation released the English dubbed version of the show to Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim.” When it was initially released to TV, the reception wasn’t exactly a warm one. A lot of fans and critics were not impressed that the story line was very similar to the first series. However, after the series differentiated itself from the first, fans and critics both agreed that this series was the superior one.

            Like the first, the show setting is based in a slightly futuristic early 1900’s Germany. However, it is the country known as Amestris, a Germanic country with a very diverse terrain and inhabitants. That being said, the country is a military state, where there is a heavy military presence throughout the country, which leaves it wide open for the show’s characters to travel about and get into situations where they may not necessarily have gotten into if they weren’t apart of the military.

            Speaking of the characters, they are the same characters from the last series: Edward and Alfonse Elrick, Col. Mustang, Hawkeye, Winry, Scar, and also a whole new slew of characters that can be too numerous to name, but the one that had more to do with the plot, Ling Yao.

            I won’t spend too much time talking about them this time around, because the characters are exactly the same. However, Winry was given a bigger part to the series instead of that awkward love interest the Ed had in the first series that didn’t go anywhere. In this series, she actually has character and both her and Ed build a relationship together. Ling Yao I don’t remember from the first series, but he is a fun character. He is from the neighboring country, Xing, which practices alchestory, which is a more medical application of alchemy. He is one of many sons of the king of Xing, who is looking for immortality for his father. On this search he learns about the philosopher’s stone and the homunculi. With the opportunity presenting itself, he welcomes the homunculi Greed to enter his body, which leads to a very good plot line where Greed and Ling take turns at controlling, who is controlling Ling’s body. They actually develop a friendship, which makes the death of Greed actually very sad.

            As far as the animation in this series, it is slightly different. They take out a good chunk of the silliness and replaced it with better visuals. Though, its honestly splitting hairs on this.

            The story is where the two series differentiate themselves. Brotherhood has less filler episodes than the original series did, but they still refer to some filler episodes from the first series in this show. The main plot is what drives every episode and it is a lot simpler to follow than what it was in the original. The twists they had were not predictable for someone who has never read the comics, and was very entertaining. A lot of the time I was wondering to myself, “how are they going to get out of this one?” Another thing is that a lot of the characters are in the story for a reason and not just there as a plot device or anything. They contribute to the story and are usually very likable. This is also the first show that made my skin crawl the most; it usually had to deal with Gluttony. The show also surprised me the most when I had the need to continue to watch it and made me want to click Next Episode. Kudos Brotherhood, kudos.

            I know my review of Fullmetal Alchemist was a little harsh and I was using it as a platform to list what was wrong with mainstream anime. Despite the voice of Ed, which I still think is wrong for the character, the rest of the show corrects most of the mistakes that most mainstream anime have. It had a definitive ending that didn’t drag out that much (the last 10 episodes could have ended sooner, though). The character pool wasn’t gigantic and all the characters had a purpose. Overall, it was an anime that I would like to watch again and definitely would use to sell someone on the genre. So what does that mean? I strongly recommend this show to anyone who wants to binge watch something 

Show Rating: A

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brootherhood…

Fullmetal Alchemist…

FMA Review…

By Dakota Wiegand

            Hey Guys! So this is a different review than normal because its not a cartoon series or a movie that I am reviewing. It’s a travel show! I know a lot of people think of travel shows as being one in the same with nothing that separates one another from each other. Because I don’t travel, but have the urge to travel, these shows are a go to for me. I have watched shows like No Reservations and other shows that are very similar. I came across this show when I was at work trying to find background noise. Netflix suggested this show to me and after reading the preview, I wasn’t convinced. However, after watching the show, your opinion changes dramatically and it is a very different show! Let me take a look at this with you as we review Departures.

            The show premiered in Canada on OLN in March of 2008 and ran for 3 seasons and 42 episode until it ended in June of 2010. The show never made it to the US other than through Netflix, which currently only carries the first two seasons. The show won multiple Canadian film awards including Best Documentary Series and Best Directing.

            The show follows Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach, and cameraman Andre Dupuis. The three guys all have different personalities and its fun to actually watch them interact with one another.

            Scott Wilson, the co-creator of the show and owner of the production company that makes he documentary, is a very straight lace guy, though he can be a lot of fun. He has the connections in a lot of the countries he visits and is very likeable.

            Justin is Scott’s High School friend. Initially he rubbed me the wrong way because he was the cookie cutter frat boy, but you quickly forget about that and learn to love the guy. He’s very entertaining and actually a lovable guy.

            Andres, though rarely seen, has some of the best one liners in the series and you cant help but not to like him and feel sorry for him since he sees the world through a camera lens.

            Now the show ultimately starts in Canada, as the guys wanted to see their own country, coast to coast, before they set out to see the rest of the world. After that, they go to some normal travel places like Japan and New Zealand. However, they perfectly mix in the unique travel destinations like Jordan, Cambodia, and other locations that you would not have thought of going to.

            Now usually travel shows either focus on the tourism sights or the food, but this show tends to go off the beaten path and they try to do their own unique thing, blend in with the locals, and ultimately have fun where they are. However, another part of this show is that you see how they travel and their thoughts about the details you can only see when you go there. Most travel shows just skip this step and just jump to the part of the show they focus on. However, in Departures, they make you feel like you are traveling the world with these guys and almost make you feel like you have a friendship with these guys. At the end of season one, I felt what they felt when their year log travel event ended. You just didn’t want it to end and it was coming to a close. Thankfully they have two more seasons after the first to see more and travel with them, but you truly felt depressed once it was over.

            Another part of the show is them dealing with leaving their loved ones behind to go on this world tour. Justin in season one, is dumped by his girlfriend of 6 years, 6 months into it. You feel the pain he’s going through and you truly get to see how the guys interact with this. Later in the season, you see Justin and a Brazilian girl that they met in Jordan, meet up again and essentially fall for each other. I honestly hope the two of them get together some how, because they were perfect for each other!

            Even though it is a travel show, you feel like you are traveling without actually leaving you chair. Since discovering this show, I’ve been trying to get my family to watch it because you have a lot of fun watching the show! It’s so unique from other shows and definitely differentiates itself from others. So if you want to travel the world, or make a list of places you ant to travel to, I highly recommend this show. And please, tell your friends to watch! If the show gets more views on Netflix, maybe they will post season 3.

Show Rating: A+

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Plesiosaur by DwDrawings
Its a plesiosaur! I was watching River Monsters and the skeleton of this thing popped up and I ended up doodling it on a pad of yellow legal pad! Enjoy! 
We have begun Shooting our movie today! Well, last night we did a lot of filming, but the main stuff starts today! I will post stills later today to let you know how things are going! I am very excited that this is happening! Cant wait to see it all done!
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